(Unresolved emotional pain can be dangerous)
(Part 2) Copyrighted by Elder Dorn J.B. Walker

As I continue with Part 2, I am repeating my concern that as some are preparing for precious family times and elaborate menus and décor, the emotions of others are beginning to spiral down. This is why I am stirred to write to all who would read and receive comfort during this difficult time.

As I think of my own emotional healing, I know that Abba really heals. (Father God is truly our Source of Healing and Wholeness). He healed me and I am His Ambassador; fully persuaded and determined to represent Him—He is the Healer and the Great Physician over all of our cares, brokenness, burdens, worries, issues, and stress; no matter how deep the pain.

Part I of this BLOG encourages us to recount our own story of brokenness. Take your time as you pen it in your diary or where ever you choose. Be real in expressing your emotions because healing begins when we admit that we cannot in our own strength put the pieces back together again. I also stated that before I could fully come to grips with my need to be healed, I had to fully acknowledge my total brokenness and I had to fully surrender to the fact that I was weak and helpless and could not do a thing about it. This is the place where new life begins because we now give God the opportunity to come into our lives and point us to “Wholeness”. Remember God is the Healer and the Great Physician. However, the only way to God is through His Son Jesus the Christ. I encourage you to give Jesus an opportunity to come into your life right now. Acts 2:21 says that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life, this is the beginning of acknowledging Him as the real and only healer. Some of you may say: Well, I have already accepted Jesus into my life but, I have some serious emotional hurts. Welcome to Part 2! This section is critical because it speaks of the fact that “Superficial Christianity can be dangerous”. The reality is that we hurt over the loss of our loved ones because we miss them so much. We were connected to them for a length of time and we had a special relationship with them. However, if we accept Jesus Christ and do not have a personal relationship with Him, we will find ourselves with a superficial understanding of God and never experiencing His delivering power. We must take the time to know God personally.

For example, some may quote short and easy phrases when asked about their well-being–by saying “I’m blessed and highly favored” or I am blessed by the best”. This is all good and I truly believe in prophesying over our lives. However, true healing shows up when we are real with God and ourselves and when we have a personal intimacy and relationship with the One who heals. Quick and easy quotes may only serve as band aids to cover up the real turmoil that is still occurring in our lives. If we don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ we will find ourselves pretending to be a victorious Christian, without understanding what it really means to have victory in our lives.

God showed me that many people are spiritual widows or spiritual widowers. These are people who are in a complete broken state. Complete brokenness can be the result of the loss of a loved one, loss of self-esteem, loss of integrity, loss of peace or perhaps the loss of a right standing with God. The emotions of a spiritual widow as well as a traditional widow have the same effect upon us. We often feel paralyzed and unable to move forward with life. With a full understanding of God, we can move forward because He makes all things possible in our lives.

Isaiah 33:6 says that wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of our times and the strength of our salvation. We must allow ourselves to grow both in the wisdom and knowledge of God because “Unresolved emotional pain will become dangerous”. While going through emotional hurts, we become vulnerable and an open prey to the enemy who wants us to fall into deeper depression that may cause all types of sinful behaviors and turmoil in our lives. I Peter 5:8 tells us to be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about seeking whom he may devour. If we don’t take the time to grow closer to God, we may fall so low that we find ourselves dying spiritually. This would be a greater problem. So please don’t allow yourself to die spiritually.

In summary, each loss in our lives has the potential to result in further chaos and turmoil if it is not identified, controlled, and healed. If you find yourself without a true sense of direction or focus in your life because of a loss or brokenness you must make a choice. Imagine yourself in a car driving into the land of despair. You can continue to drive the car further into despair or you can stop and park until you determine how to find hope. If you can relate to being in this position, I recommend that you stop the car and park until you determine how to find hope. Cry out to God who brings hope and comfort. Stay tuned for Part III on the subject: Defining the Emotional Pain and Naming Our Enemies.

Elder Dorn J.B. Wheatley Walker (Author of “Life After Loss: A Journey Into Wholeness”).

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